Stormtrooper Helmet Build - Quest for Chrome


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Did a couple castings tonight with my helmet mold. Ill use a couple for my own customized stormtrooper helmets, and will put some TLC into the castings to sell to those who would want one. They aren't ready yet though. My silicone mold on one portion of the back was quite thin and resulted in a small uneven patch that will be needing touch ups to make it a more quality resin kit.




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Have this particular pull all putty'd and primed. I will be getting this one hydrodipped right away to see how the film looks with the helmet shape.



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Dipped one of my helmets today. Turned out pretty decently. Not I can paint the lenses, headband, cheeks, and chin pieces black, or a color to bring them out. I am also considering splitting the helmet in half down the center to paint one side a solid color, or just original white. Then it will be a half half.


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Nice job on the helmet. Any idea how accurate the templates are? Has there been any word on the accuracy of the Hasbro storm trooper helmet that is coming out this fall?

The eyes in the Hasbro don't loo right to me. Any have some info?


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Covered it with a layer of sandable primer. Made it much easier to locate flat spots that will need to be fixed up down the road.

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Taped it up to get make a layer of Bondo for the headband and chin-piece.

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Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures about the process of making the ear pieces and chin piece.

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Hi TheMrDaniel,

I am working on a trooper helmet myself and at the same stage as you were before adding the earpieces and chin piece.
Do you recall how you attached these pieces to the helmet?