Shoulder bell Skull decals -SENT-


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I needed an ROTJ skull logo for my armor and Ego was good enough to provide me with files of his work (Thanks again Jer).
ESB - Left pic ............................................................ROTJ - Right pic

The size of the white border is 1.75"x 3.5". These are silk screened (painted)on white vinyl, cut out, and ready to use although you have to weather it yourself. I have a couple extras left over (3)ROTJ and (1)ESB, so I'm offering it to anyone who needs it.
I appreciate all the help I've been given here on TDH and I wanted to give back in a small way, so I'll mail these for free:D (hopefully to those in the U.S. because the stamps are coming out of my own pocket, but I'll consider others)
So the first 3 ROTJers and first ESB to PM me gets it.

No worries bud, glad you liked'em! :)

And, I'd suggest anyone who's interested jump on board . . . I'll post a pic of the ESB logo he made up for me on my shoulder bell tonight. :)

Top quality stuff . . . thanks for the one you made me bud! :)

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Very nice of you to make that offering to us here. A little "pay it forward" now and then is a great thing. :)
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If there is any more interest in these, I might make some more when I get the chance.
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Here's just how cool YOUR shoulders can look! :)

Just a bit more weathering and she'll be perfect! :)

VashDStampede . . thanks again, and I'm glad you're able to make my skulls available for everyone!


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That shoulder bell looks sweet Ego:love
I'll see if I can make some up within the next couple of weeks (I actually have to work in between making these ;))

I'll offer up a couple more when I get them done.
Seems like a lot more people want ESB . . . Where are my fellow ROTJers?
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:facepalm i late or not :D but remember i live on the end of the world :lol: ... yes yes i live very far far away ... ;)
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Yeeeaaaah baby! Ely, they got here TODAY!!


They are awesome!! Just perfectomundo!

Many thanks mate!


take care,

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WHAT?!?:confused I just sent those yesterday. . . Man, I guess I shouldn't underestimate the U.S. Postal system:facepalm

Glad you like them.
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D@mn I think Im late... I would be interested if there are still anymore...Im always late...
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