Funkyreds and Minute Fetts ESB shoulder Decal revision


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The size and position of the ESB and ROTJ shoulder bell decal has always been a frustration to me, I have never been happy with the size and position of my ESB Shoulder bell decal up until today when I received a parcel from California from Minute Fett which included a set of his lineage shoulder bells along with his Fett pride armour. I have quickly collated some of the information using my callipers and scaled my version of the decal down and cut a quick vinyl decal out to illustrate size and position on the bell. I will make another post at a later date to illustrating the stencil when I paint the MF armour.
Please ignore the crappy shoulder bell I was in a rush and eager to share my findings.

The first thing that surprised me is the size and shape of both bells, they are irregular in shape and appearance, Both don't visually look the same and are like no bells I have seen myself.


The raised decal on the Minute fett measures as follows.

41 x 81mm

The bell itself measured roughly 139mm


the decal is placed 23mm from the top and 35mm from the bottom.

I cant wait to have another day off to prep the armour for paint the stencil once this pandemic is over. Being a key worker is playing havoc with my Fett projects.