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I have had many request to post the boots I had made for my Fett suit so here they are. It took me 8 months to have them made and considering the guy made them with only photos and no input from me was amazing he did a bang up job. Take care and sorry for poor quality I was in a hurry. The spike were produced by DeanO and I had to mod them up and build the toe area myself.


(SEEKER's Jango-amazed pic inserted here!!!)

:eek:Now, those are the most amazing custom-made boots I've seen to date!!! Even with a high-class costruction rather than the ones I have (scratch-built pair):eek:

Good to go, RS!

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oh man I've always waited to say this-"Killer boots man",:lol: ha ahh Dumb & Dumber, a movie with quotes for everyday life. But seriously, those are really nice! Congrats!
:eek: Best pair of Fett boots I've ever seen! :eek:

Wow, congratulate your bootmaker with a trip to Bermuda or something...those boots are awesome!

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I'm actually curious about the spikes, which looks just like the actual ones on the Fett costume (with little holes in the tips). I also like what TK-Fett said about the flat-looking...impressed.

Now a question for RS: are they made with that reason, just to look like that or is because you actually have wide-feet? :confused

Damn fine job Lee. It was worth all the effort.

Those are truly awesome Boba Fett boots.

I've been looking forward to pics, and myohmy, don't they look damn fine, just damn fine!

:cheers (y)

Wear those with pride!!

I had them made in the impression of the Jedi boots which are wide by comparison. If you use the prepro boots or the AOSW they are narrower. What makes them look a little too wide to me is he made the center striping too 1/8" too wide.
Here's a clearer pic before weathering.
I dont think they look to wide at all and with your foot filling up the inside no one should be able to tell. Is that a Millenium Falcon in the back of the last pic?
I am really impressed. I like the detail of the more square look to the front of the boot. Your maker did a great job. The boots are always essential to a great looking fett costume.
I'm with BF...If the price is right, I would rather pay a little extra for some nice crafted ones than waste time on creating my own. I looked at a few shoes at Wally world today, but nothing looked right to try and mod out.
Yes he is willing to make more but I had these built around what I suspect the original boot was. He is a high end bootmaker and is pretty well known in his profession. He will not turn out a downgraded product which I did ask to reduce the price for everyone but he says it's a reflection of his standards and really saw no way to compromise.

The inside of the boot is all soft leather and the piping is leather as well. The outside it is the same material as the jumpsuit (I have never been convinced of the canvas theroy). The sole was also done in 3 sections just like the original

Anyway I'll state the price but don't forget I'm a spare no expense guy when it means accuracy and quality. Make sure you are sitting down and if price is not a concern then this is the boot.

$700 a pair.(I have $900 in mine just due to R+D and having to develop my own measurements sole thickness etc).

If you haven't stroked out please contact me to make arrangments if you are interested. A few board members saw these at Dragon con if they want to speak up please do. Also they can verify that the price of the boot is exactly what you pay the maker I do not make one cent.(just in case you wondered ;).


Rogue Studios wrote:

Anyway I'll state the price but don't forget I'm a spare no expense guy when it means accuracy and quality.
$700 a pair.(I have $900 in mine just due to R+D and having to develop my own measurements sole thickness etc).

Great boots! The best I have seen....

Hmmm..... What can I sell now?... I sold some of my toy collection and props already to have the $$$ to finance some new Gi Joes and some of the Boba upgrades I have now.... :D

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