Rogue Studios Custom made Fett boots

Rogue Studios wrote:

$700 a pair.(I have $900 in mine just due to R+D and having to develop my own measurements sole thickness etc).

That price probably dosn't includ the toe plate or spikes does it?

Damn...for that price they should be made of gold. :lol:

Sorry man... great boots! I just couldn't help it...that's damned pricey!
Has the maker considered how many pairs of these he could actually sell for a remotely reasonable price?? It could be the difference between selling 5 pairs to a couple of hundred! Every person on this board would have our current boots on ebay. Well thats a shame because I'm sure most of us wouldn't let ourselves spend that kinda money on shoes... Oh well, back to the drawing board... :(
The thing is he has a mainstay business making stuff for the industry and these are like a side table item so he has more work than he can handle. It's not really an issue of money and how much he can make per se'

Well, when I look at my MCs and then at the price of these... I'm VERY SATISFIED with the MCs! ;) As they say in my line of business: "Close enough for Government work!"
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