Rider Supply Mohair Belt Sizing


Here is the link to the Rider Supply website.</a>

The question I have is... how many sizes bigger must I get the Non-Slip Mohair belt?? I am a 34/36" waist depending, so should i get like a 38" to accomodate for the jumpsuit and such??

Thanks in advance because I know one of our great members will be all over this!!


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They will shrink when you dye them, so put a couple of nails in a board based on how long you want it to be. Dye your belt then place the buckles on the nails so it will shrink to the size you want it to be.

Jango Fett Jr

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Actually I would suggest a few inches shorter than your waist size, seeing as there is a gap in the back as you can see in those photos.