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Hey guess i'm pretty new to the sight and am still thinking up mypaint idea custom mando !!! so i as a sided little thing until my mando idea is good i want to know.... how do you suppose to do a rebel pilot outfit. i'm thinking of a kind oif marine to so with a little bit of armor. Chest and mabye shoulders plus the regular helmet. any ideas on what to do?
are you talking about the rebel piliot otfit like lukes when he was in the x wing? if i am right, run a search on ebay for star wars helmets. your bound to find one.( why are you making an ENEMY of the empire?:lol: )
I made one from a Dickie's orange jumpsuit. I actually bought 2 to have material to modify the collar and pockets on the arms and legs.
It's not 100% accurate, and at some point I'll probably upgrade.

If you want an extremely accurate white flak vest, there's an RPF user who makes an unbelievable one! It has the correct clasps on the sides and the ribbing detail is just perfect. (y)
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