RBF Mandalorian S1 E1 costume build, scratch build (80%)


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When I saw the Hasbro Fett helmets I loved them right away. I think they are a good value for their price tag and with some work can be made into great props. I wanted to make a Mando diorama with atleast the helmet. Anyways.... half way through modding the white Hasbro bucket I saw they'll be releasing Mando's june 21 XD still... it was a nice build and I might pick up on the Hasbro Mando bucket aswell. Hope you like it :)
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What a time we live in. During the Holidays we heard of mr. Bulloch's passing. It was a strange moment. I have only met him a couple of times but I remember driving out to a convention as a kid with my dad to meet the man himself. I was so nervous! After a few years I was able to meet him again in full armor. I'm now watching Star Wars witj my own kids and when I heard of mr. Bulloch's passing it just really hit something. Time flies and nothing lasts forever. It's so cliché but it's true. Anyways, combined with the ending of Mando s2 and the Book of Boba Fett coming this year, well.... the legacy continues and it is a good year to be a Star Wars / Fett fan.

So... let's continue to enjoy the fun while we can!

Got a 40th anniversary Slave 1 for Christmas :)

Loved it right out of the box.... but.... what if..... ah well, to late! Nothing as fancy as on the rpf but I quite like it:








I'll be adding more Mando related creative content here. I'll start the full costume in a few months :)

Thanks mr. Bulloch!!!


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And we're back at it!
Got the Hasbro helmet and wow!!!
Added some weathering but I was amazed by the base paintjob.

Also got some work done on the chest piece, it's build up from pvc pipes, cut and formed to shape. Then alot of sanding and filling and painting :)

Gonna get all the textiles soon so I can start on the soft parts. Also need to get some leather. More soon!
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Its been some time since I got some work done on Mando. Mainly because 2 weeks before her birthday my youngest daughter asked: Daddy.... can I be Rey for my 7th birthday?
Eh... sure!!!
D'Elenn did absolutly amazing!!

After that, straight back to Mando! I finished the paintjob on the leg, back and butt plates.
Then I got in all the textiles for the softparts and got to work :)

I'm really happy with how this is turning out and I can't stress enough how helpful the hot toys figure has been in terms of overall reference. The belt is completly lined with Velcro because I want it to stat in place when running etc. Also, I don't have a velcro closure on the back of the flakvest but rather at the seam underneath my right arm. This allows me to put it on by myself.


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Got more work done on the soft parts. I'll be taking in the lower part of the flakvest to heighten it a little bit more which will also up the belt more. Maybe I'll make a slightly larger chestplate, but only after I finish the whole costume.







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Rubies blaster came in, put some paint on it and made the holster out of leather. I shaped the part where the sight slides through bu inserting a piece of eva foam cut to the right side. Soaked all the leather then molded it around the Rubies.
I quite like it :)


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Got some work done on the shoulders:

They're not attached nor padded as of yet but I like their shape and sizes in relation to the rest of the costume.


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That means alot to me bigkidbiggertoys thank you!! I usually weather my costumes extensively to also add depth on camera. But with Mando it's more subtle. I need to restrain not adding my game character weathering schemes. I mean... the white stitches still need to pop up.