1. Baruopa

    Hasbro Black Series Bo Katan Helmet

    Hasbro's just revealed Bo Katan as their next black series helmet. Not seeing much coverage of it yet, so I thought I'd post here to see what everyone thinks about it. I, for one, am pretty pumped. Don't usually buy the black series but for a Bo Katan? I think I might have to. Wondering how...
  2. Bob A Feet

    Hasbro EE-3 Painting - "Oil Rubbed Bronze" Spray Paint?

    Hey everyone, Getting ready to repaint my Hasbro EE-3. Just want something Halloween quality, but the stock green and orange paint scheme has to go. I was thinking of using a metallic black paint followed by some brushed on silver accents (then maybe a matte or semi-gloss coating?) but then I...
  3. RBF

    RBF Mandalorian S1 E1 costume build, scratch build (80%)

    When I saw the Hasbro Fett helmets I loved them right away. I think they are a good value for their price tag and with some work can be made into great props. I wanted to make a Mando diorama with atleast the helmet. Anyways.... half way through modding the white Hasbro bucket I saw they'll be...
  4. B

    Hasbro EE3 ROTJ Hero Blaster - Conversion, mod and paint. UPDATED