Steel Mandalorian Helmet Build


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First post here. My son wanted a Mandalorian costume but didn't like the cheesy mask that came with it so we bashed a helmet out of steel.

IMG_6413 - Copy.JPG IMG_6413 - Copy.JPG IMG_6415 - Copy.JPG IMG_6417 - Copy.JPG IMG_6418 - Copy.JPG IMG_6419 - Copy.JPG IMG_6421 - Copy.JPG IMG_6422 - Copy.JPG IMG_6423 - Copy.JPG IMG_6425 - Copy.JPG IMG_6428 - Copy.JPG IMG_6429 - Copy.JPG IMG_6441 - Copy.JPG IMG_6461 - Copy.JPG IMG_6462.JPG IMG_6463.JPG IMG_6470 - Copy.JPG IMG_6468 - Copy.JPG IMG_6472 - Copy.JPG IMG_6475 - Copy.JPG IMG_6476 - Copy.JPG IMG_6475 - Copy.JPG IMG_6476 - Copy.JPG IMG_6580 - Copy.JPG IMG_6473 - Copy.JPG IMG_6474 - Copy.JPG IMG_6580 - Copy.JPG
IMG_6485 - Copy.JPG


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New Hunter
Here's a little video of the finished piece. I decided to stay with the hand forged, battle weary look.

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