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Greetings all.

I'm like day four into this 3d print of Rafa's helmet.

I added some fill to the very bottom of the helmet for support.... can't print in the air yet. :)

What I've noticed is that the dome is full of support/fill. Anyone have the same issue?

Last observation, the stl files seems to have definitive vertical lines around the circumference of the helmet. Sort of like an octagon if you will...

Any one else have some of these observations. I'll run down and grab a snap of the current process.
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I haven't printed the helmet, but It looks to me like your printer settings are set to do 100% infill.
As for the vertical lines I can't help you there. I didn't see that when I printed the jet pack. Not likely Raff's' model. His stuff if spot on.


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Unfortunately those segments are there on my helmet, but can be smoothed out with some bondo and lots of elbow grease.