placement of rotj scope


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i recently was able to get ahold of a resin cast rotj blaster. i have sanded it away and gotten to just about painting, when i came up with this question.

where does the scope go??? it looks like in some pics that it is straight down the barrell, but mine and some others i have seen have the mounts off to the side, the left side..............

what is correct????

just wondering.........

-mark e
southern outpost

by the way i am new to the dented helmet but i have been lurking around for about 3 months. i am sure i will be coming up with more questions as i go along with my rotj fett and custom mandalorian...............

Hello and welcome to TDH. Since you have been lurking here for the last 3 months, you should know that everyone here is very nice and always willing to answer questions. But remember, the search function is your best friend.

With regard to your blaster, like the others have said, the scope mounts directly on top and down the center of the barrel.

By chance, does your blaster have hollow stock?
nope not hollow at all, its pure resin through and through........................

thanks again for the welcome and yes i will use the search engine also (doh!)

i will post up pics when i get the blaster more finished still sanding...........also i totally cut the front nozzle off and replaced it with a rubber bottom chair leg cover. i got 2 at walmart for like 1.86. it gives it a cool look.

i wonder why my mounts are off the left then, i will have to change that.......

thanks again guys
-mark estes
southern outpost
Hey Mark, these guys have steered you in the right direction, where did you get this blaster?

I am Tyler by the way, from Eastern KY.
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