Painting disaster.


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I just lost about two weeks worth of work due to a stupid mistake. I had just about finished painting some pieces of armor, only thing left was the clear coat. it's not my usual brand, but i figure what the hell, right? Wrong, as soon as I apply the spray the whole paint job cracks and flakes like mud in the desert. Upon reading the back of the can I see the words "Acrylic clear coat" Ugh! i've never dealt with acrylics before so I'll ask you folks this:
Can you put a clear acrylic coat over an enamel based paint?
Could this have been the result of something else? such as mixing brands of paint?

Thanks in advance
Mixing brands of paint is never good in my opinion. The problem was probably due to the enamel paint not being cured before the acylic was sprayed over top. I have had luck putting acrylic over laquer though.

Too bad you had to graduate from the school of hard knocks like I did. I still go back for a refresher once in a while.;)
I don't get it, everywhere that I'm reading it says acrylic over enamel over laquer, so technically speaking everything should have been fine. I guess it's possible that the final coat might not have been cured even though it had been drying in the sun for 48 hrs.
at least this has been a learning experience :lol:. Now comes the hard part of sanding it all down and starting over.
Acrylic clear should be fine over enamel or lacquer paint.
Did you do anything to the helmet before applying the clear? What enamel did you use? what brand of clear? What was the Temperature?
You cannot apply lacquer over enamel, or the same thing will happen.
I am sorry to hear about you unfortunate problem.
Been there.
Let us know if we can help further.
Robert E.
It was a generic Orchard Supply Hardware acrylic that I applied over krylon paints... Never again! I sanded the top coat with 2000 grit sandpaper, it was actually a nice day outside with not a lot of humidity... It's odd.
I have half of the helmet stripped down already, if it wasn't for the superbowl I'd have probably done the whole thing done and I'd start work on it tomorrow. Ah well, live and learn I guess.
Hhmm... Maybe it was a bad batch of Clear. Never hear of Orchard Supply. Next time if you use Krylon to paint the helmet, I'd use the Krylon Satin clear. It's pretty nice.
Let us all know how it turns out.
Robert E.
I always stay with Testors, I've never had good luck with big can clear sprays even if I use the same brands.

Testors has never let me down. Knock on wood.....

Ahh... Testors!
There paint is Awesome! I've never had their clear react with Any other paint either.
They used to only sell spray Gloss and Flat coats, but now have a satin coat. COOL!
Highly Recommended!
Robert E.
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