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So I sprayed my Mando helmet with Rustoleum gloss black enamel for a base. It has a nice shine to it already. Do I need to sand this with a 2000 grit and apply 2K clear before painting on Alumaluster?

After painting on the Alumaluster, would a 2K Clear Glamour be recommended as a final top coat, or should I use another clear like the Alclad Aqua Gloss?


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I made my first helmet just before Halloween this year and it was a heck of a journey with plenty of mistakes and learning, but overall I think it turned out 90% of the way I wanted. If you're happy with the gloss black then I would apply two to three light, even coats of the 2K letting them dry/cure in between. As the last coast is curing, maybe a half hour after spraying is when I would begin to apply the Alumaluster. Once the Alumaluster is cured you can apply another top coat of 2K.

I will say I had my helmet sanded down with 2000 grit by the time I applied the final layers of gloss black. It really did have a mirror shine and if there are any imperfections you aren't happy with this is the stage to fix them. I was on a time crunch so there are a few I didn't fix but absolutely would have had I had the time. Some I was able to mask with weathering, but they are definitely there.

I hope this helps and good luck!
I know this will sound a little counterproductive but it was great advice from Mr. Mold Maker at RPF.
After your substrate is ready for paint spray first with Duplicolor black sandable primer ( yes flat black).
The 2K clear will adhere and turn it a beautiful gloss black. Let dry. Then add the Alumaluster at around 70% coverage
to keep a deep rich metallic look. Don't touch and let dry thoroughly. Then final 2K clear.
This worked absolutely great and I even used the first two steps to repaint a First Order Tie Pilot to a really nice
black gloss. Everything was painted with a Badger two stage airbrush. Yes you use more 2K clear this way but
the result was sure worth it.


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