"Paint by numbers" Humbrol Visual Guide - ESB & ROTJ Helmet & ESB Armor

Hello folks.. since i am a person who really likes to have stuff on a visual level before starting a project i thought i would make a visual representation of
Terminal fettlers Humbrol paintjob as seen in his thread http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f23/one-last-wafer-thin-esb-paint-job-30707/ .
Doing that i have used one of Rafalfett's images from his Boba Fett ESB Helmet Stencils thread http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f23/boba-fett-esb-helmet-stencils-41899/ .

This image can be used in conjunction with Rafalfett's Stencils to quickly see what Humbrol color goes where.

If i have missed something please leave a reply.
All credit goes to Terminal fettler and Rafalfett (sorry that i molested your image) .

Okay so i looked around and and put together this one and i am pretty sure that its at least 75% ESB accurate
please give me your comments and critique.


(instead of using 78 painted over 76 a better option might just be to mix 78 and 76 1:1) Have a look at Darth Voorhees ESB Armor re-paint up for refrences

Again i have used the supreme stencils by Rafalfett and color info compiled from snippets around TDH

Rafalfett's decals : http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f25/all-boba-fett-chest-shoulder-decals-42537/
Rafalfett's armor stencils : http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f25/boba-fett-esb-armor-stencils-42095/

Heres the v1 non -wip of the ROTJ Paintup

This Paintjob can be considered more intens than the ESB one in my opinion, take a look at the ROTJ paint threads before starting and study the ROTJ images in the Gallery !


This one was compiled from Jayvee's ROTJ paintup as-well as Terminal Fettler's color list.
The Image was borrowed from Rafalfett's ROTJ Stencils.
Thanks to everyone who contributed on this especially when trying to located the right Red humbrol combo for the mandibles.

Leave a reply if you have any questions or just comments on this !

EDIT XX-JAN-2014 : I am still unsure about the coloring of the dent, maybe someone could enlighten me. <-- Please message me if you have some insight on this!
EDIT 06-JAN-2014 : Updated the first post with the superior image.
EDIT 17-JAN-2014 : Moved armor image up top.
EDIT 11-FEB-2014 : Added v1 of the ROTJ Helmet.
EDIT 01-JAN-2016 : Corrected main post about the green for the ESB armor.
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Great idea to do this. I'm sure it'll get used quite a bit.

You might want to post up a larger image though (some of the letters are a little small).

And the day-glow purple is burning my retinas, but that may just be me... :)
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rightclick view image should show it in the full size..
i picked the pink/purple color because it stood out alot..
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This is outstanding....... and I think will finally give me the push to attempt a helmet.........
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Thanks for the reply's.
I am glad if i have helped someone in any way :)
I basically made this to make it easier for myself to see what color goes where, and since i am still a lot
of time away from being able to paint my lid i might as well prepare in any way possible :p.
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awesome idea this'll help those who are more visual learners like myself i won't build a Boba i prefer Jango
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Awesome translation/conversion - I always thought the red on the left ear was slightly lighter than the rest.

Thanks for sharing this!
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very nice work(y).. any future plans of putting together something similar for the armor?
I dont know tbh, have anyone experimented with Humbrol colors on the their armor ? aren't the color of the armor suppose to be a little different from the helmet ?
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i found this list awhile back .. Boba Fett Paint Colors - MindMeister Mind Map .. i could never really find another list for humbrol colors ....i've been working on my armor and getting close to painting .. i'm going to order these colors for the plate armor 11 81 78 117 33 140 and see what happens. (i'm doing a rotj se boba)
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I will try to look into doing the same thing for the armor later today, but i better ask Rafalfett for permission to use others of his stencil images for this.
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Hey again !
Been working on the armor color guide .
I been using Rafalfett's images again with some small touches by myself and i have used another one of Terminal fettler's humbrol paint ups.

EDIT: I made a silly mistake making the image below, Terminal fettler's paint list is for a AOSW paint up while i was aiming for ESB colors like the stencils - I Will correct this when i am sure what humbrol colors should be used!
Hopefully no one has used this image yet thinking it was ESB accurate

Terminal fettler's paint up http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f25/aosw-humbrol-colour-list-36590/
Rafalfett's stencils http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f25/boba-fett-esb-armor-stencils-42095/

Anyway here's what i got so far.

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