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My latest (and close to my last) squeegee

These are absolutely horrible scans but hopefully you will see that I am getting better and better at building these squeegees. There are still some minor things that could be better but overall I am pretty satisfied with it. This one is for SARLACC FOOD (Chsris Skidmore). I have to make one more for Hammerhead and then a final one for myself and I will be DONE! Let me know what you think!

Comparsion to screen used squeegee from AoSW


In the "Vis.Dic." the squeegee is actually a "sonic beam weapon".The stir stick is a "survival knife".I forget the other two,"names" of the shin tools at the moment.
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DL44 Blaster wrote:I forget the other two,"names" of the shin tools at the moment.

Anti-Security Blade and Jet Pack Adjustment Tool. Man, am I a nerd or what?
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Boba Fett Survival Knife finished (pics)

I posted this over at the RPF and thought I would post it here as well.

I received my survival knife from DL 44's project today. I did some grinding, filing, sanding and epoxying on it. Here is the finished results:



Please forgive the reflections.

Here is how I did it:

First I made a copy of the supplied drawing and cut out and taped it to the blade. Then sanded and filed down to the line on the drawing. I used some temperature curing epoxy I have to glue the disk to the blade, but I think room temp 2 part epoxys should work as well. I did not sharpen the blade, I left it the same thickness.

For the point I first used a hack saw to remove some of the excess material, then used a disk sander to shape it.

For the scallops I just used a standard bastard file.

I used som 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and wet sanded all surfaces to remove any scratches.

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I read somewhere once that on the Anti-security blade thingee that someone used two Exactoo blade knife handles for the "unidentifiable" metal rods and it worked great!
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I assure you that the intensity controls on the anti-security blade are not x-acto handles (in fact that was the first debate I had on the rpf way back when) BUT if you don't want to have the pieces custom machined then x-acto handles work VERY well in their place!
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Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

Yes, the Sonic Beam Weapon is from a paterson rc print squeegee. The survival knife is from a paterson chemical stirrer. the anti-security blade is from the remainder of the paterson rc print squeegee and section of thick, black plastic and two, as of yet unidentified, metal rods which may soon be available from one of our machinists! The fourth tool, the jet pack adjustment tool, is still a complete mystery.

Restless soul, enjoy your youth - Eddie Vedder​
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jaybone9 wrote:I have 3 shin tools and i am missing one what is it? I have the squeege, the mixer, and the straight thing....what am i missing???

Squeege= Sonic Beam Weapon

Mixer= Survival Knife

Straight thing = Jet-pack adjustment tool

and the missing piece is the.....

Anti-security blades!

She be looking a bit like this:

Don't know what it does, but no self-respecting bounty hunter leaves home without it.
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Anti-Security Blade Prototype

No it isn't finished and the weathering needs a massive overhaul (actually the weathering was still wet when I took the picture) but I think this looks very promising! I expect these machined rods, after just a bit of tweaking (did I hear a groan from the machinist?), will be perfect!!! They are darn near it now but I think I gave the machinist a few, slightly incorrect measurements. Anyway, what do you think? The real deal is on the left and mine is on the right.

Sonic Beam Weapon/Paterson Squeegee for SALE!

Hi guys. I have one of my early squeegee conversions for sale. It isn't perfect but for someone who doesn't want to finish a squeegee themselves, it will do the trick. I am offering it for $28.50, shipped via priority mail which is cheaper than you can buy a new squeegee from B&H Photo. I will accept money order of paypal. Here are pics:


THere is one other camera shop that has it for around $26.00 bucks with the squeegee going for about $6.00, about $3.00 cheaper than B&H, but that other shops shipping handling charges were murder!

B&H is the best option for now...with many other places selling the squegee in excess of $35.00.
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Someone was selling a shin knife (yeesterday?) in the General Info section. I don't see it now... It showed a blueprint for the knife (along with the aluminum blank you would use to make the knife out of).

It seems the knife is 8.060" long, .188" thick, and 1.312" wide. The round butt cap on the knife is also 1.312" in diameter (to match the width of the handle).

As far as the holes in the handle and the "waves" on the blade, you'll have to figure those measurements out for yourself.

Hope this helps. :)
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Boba's Shin Tools--What is Correct!? (Big Pics)

I posted this on the RPF when TDH was down so I thought I would repost it here too.

I'm trying to straighten out this problem with Boba's shin tools. I've seen different version of the tools and need to know which ones are correct.

It seems that the Jet Pack tool and the knife are the same in just about every picture ive seen. But the Anti Security Blade and Sonic Beam Weapon have different versions.
(If anyone wishes to have their set removed let me know, I just culled the archives for know sets of tools. Thanks)

Pic 1


Pic 2


Pic 3


Pic 4


Pic 5


See What i mean...Which ones are correct?

Just my opinion (and I'm probably wrong), but I think that the shin tools with the added details, like in the VD pics, are made just for the VD. Just to give them a ''technical'' look, like they actually do something. It may also depend on which version of the suit you're doing, as they may be differnt for each. Like I said, I'm probably wrong :facepalm

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Here's my set of GA shintools for my suit..
I sanded, painted and weathered them today.
What do you think? I used a Aluminium silver spray and Gouach
(for the red stripe and weathering)and gave them some coats
of clearoat.

Next..The armor :):)

Thanks for looking!
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Those are lookin pretty sweet man. Are you going to weather them at all? THe knife in particular could maybe use some of the yellowish weathering. great job!
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