*Official* Pick Your Favorite Fett (once and for all)

*Official* Pick Your Favorite Fett (once and for all)

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Now is your chance to finally put this question to rest. You can only vote once so that we will have a true and accurate total. So without further ado, VOTE ALREADY!
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What about EP II Boba? You know, the little kid w/ out any armour. Doesn't anybody like this version?:lol:
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Actually..I like all of them..Not a big fan of Jango, though..He's cool, but too clean.

My vote is ESB simply because it was his first appearence and the way we all got to know him.

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What about Shadows of the Empire Boba Fett?? That's my favorite, not to mention The Bounty Hunters War Trilogy Boba Fett. Just kiding, ESB Fett is the only one for me.
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Poor pre-pro!!

I've not seen to many pics of a pre-pro Boba so ROTJ is the Boba for me

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i declare that this poll stinks! there is no holiday special option!!!!
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I thought I'd just stick with the four versions of Fett that we were the most familiar with. I guess I could have done a miscellaneous Fett category that included the Pre-Pre-Pro (albino) Fett, the Holiday Fett, Daniel Logan, and any other Fett I may have missed. Then again, mmmmm, no. :lol:
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Very cool to see just how close this race is running. I tend to overlook Jango as he seems to be just the commerical exploitation of Boba but he sure seems to be holding his own!
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Well, Jango fans, keep in mind that if you combine the esb and rotj, Boba is kicking Jango's a**!!!!! While we're bickering over which movie, Jango takes the lead!!! We should be ashamed of ourselves!!! :lol:
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YAA!!!! We are the best!!! Congrats ESB on our first major victory! We have finally showed who is the most liked here ;)
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