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Newbie Intro and Request "Who Can Paint It For Me"

Hello Gentleman and Ladies,

I would like to introduce myself and formally declare my newbie-ness in advance. My name is Wayne and I live in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas area. I've always been a sci-fi geek but have mostly stayed with R2-D2 and Cylon stuff. I recently got turned on to the TDH and have been totally overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge and ingenuity of some of our members. So here I am, diving head-first into another prop obsession, Boba Fett! I also have acquired a couple of Fettpride pieces (helmet and gauntlets) and would love some painting advice. I've seen a couple of tutorials from Steve-The-Swede and a few here and there after doing a search, but I believe most of the painting is over my skill level (way over). After consulting TK409 and Fettpride, they suggested that I throw myself at the mercy of theTDH and see if anyone would be interested in painting my bucket. I'm very impressed with the quality of Fettprides work and really don't want to screw it up :lol:
So in closing, thanks for all your help in advance and please pm me if you could give me a hand painting my helmet....oh ROTJ scheme.

Thanks again,
Wayne (womo68)
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You come to the right place. This is a great site with fantastic members !!!.
Just wanted to poke in and say welcome.
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thanks shortimer...I saw that thread and that's why I'm wondering if anybody could paint it for me, hehe. Very cool tutorial indeed!
Dude thats all you really need to ask "who can paint it for me" Make a post asking who paints helmets here, youll get answers really quick.

Also PM sent
Welcome aboard! Im pretty new here myself, and these guys have been great thus far.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx
Hey womo68! Nice to see a fellow Dallas guy here. I'm also pretty new to this site but when it comes to armor building I'm far from being a rookie. I'm currently in the 501st and if you want some advice on Fett you should come out to the Plano show a week from this Saturday. I know at least 5 guys in our garrison that have done Fett armor and I'm more than sure they'd give you any advice that you need. Oh well, maybe we can help each other through this.

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