newbe to the group...need oponion

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hey everyone, my name is andrew, ive been readin this forum for about 2 weeks and finally decided to join (YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SO MUCH HELP), im makin custom man. armor and im using a sage green jumpsuit and a brown turtle neck(on its way to beign a vest) any suggestion? just tryin to get aquanted with everyone here. thanks
great to have you! :cheers So have you built any costumes before?

Im new around here too, so I am not one of the 'wise ones' but boy the information here is PLENTIFUL! You will definitely get the help you need :)

:love Danielle
:) hey man!

good your here!

hmmz... let your imagination run wild!! I'd look at games and comics for inspiration aswell.

I thought of doing 1 aswell, but refrained from that.

I was thinking about a black orange colour combo, shiny and stuff. a cloak over all the armor (so no RF as seen on Boba or Jango, but a small build up of electronics or something)

hmmz... zome scorpion/ subzero cloth pieces here and there...

I'd stick to using the helmet and chest/neck shoulder pieces, as they will make a mando a mando...
yea, ive got a sandtrooper right behind me. me and my friend made a vaccum table and all the neccisary stuff to mass produce stormtrooper armor...we got it down pat, but its still mad time consuming. thats about all my experience in costuming
Do you have a jumpsuit yet? Depending on your size I may have an extra work olive drab flight suit for you. It is a standard issue Air Force flightsuit that you could modify up.
I might be interested in that flightsuit, if you really want to get rid of it. 8)

I'm 5' 10" 150 # I've been getting Stargate SG1 and Space, Above And Beyond outfits together.
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