Staggz' Din Djarin Pre-Beskar and Beskar build


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Hey folks,

I've never posted on here so I figured I would start with this....

This is my Mandalorian Season 1 costume so far.... here's all the pieces I have:

  • I bought 2 Efx helmets which I modified and combined. I picked the best dome, tore the ears and vent off, and put the best ears on them. I then modded the visor corners to be more "narrow" as it's very clear that poor molding and finishing caused the visor to be wider than it should be (it most likely was dremeled and cut out too much). The ears I added two details to which were not already present... although the Efx was lineage, AGAIN, it was really poorly molded. I'll be painting this here soon.
  • Flight suit is a modified CosplaySky, it's really not bad and just needed a couple details added and weathering. I bought two because I needed the pants more baggy but the shirt more fitted. I may as well use the cummerbund as well as it's not bad.
  • flak vest and cape are ordered from Darkside Closet
  • Leathers are all of Debora Di Mio's newest V3 leathers
  • Armor was all 3D printed from Great Ape's files (I scaled shoulders to 110% and thighs to 115% as they are too small to begin with at 100%. Everything else was left at 100% because it's very close to the real sizes in my opinion, and fits me really well at 5'11-6').
  • Blaster is Joe Browning's kit with wood grips and metal flash.
  • Rifle is undecided.
  • Metals are all JJ industries
  • Boots are CrowProps
  • Trackingfob was OneReplicas and installed by my friend Cody.
  • Gloves are the real gauntlets everyone has been using, but you'll have to forgive me, I literally can't remember the name of them.

All armor is painted by me using custom mixes suggested by @MrMoldMaker (who I believe is on these forums as well?). This is also my flight suit weathering and tracking fob.

Flightsuit weathering.jpg

More updates to come... hopefully you'll see the finished helmet in the next few weeks.
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Great work, Weston!

I would be interested in hearing more details on the weathering techniques, if you’d like to share.



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Great work, Weston!

I would be interested in hearing more details on the weathering techniques, if you’d like to share.

Hey Sean, thank you for the kind words!

Of course! I will say though, I can't really take credit for the weathering. While I did all the paint myself, Mr Guy taught me basically everything that I did.

So, part of the weathering is actually the base paints themselves. They were custom mixed using Montana gold and some other cheaper name-brand spray paints that I tested out (UPDATE, I HAVE SINCE CHANGED MY BASE PAINT COLORS TO MATCH MORE CLOSELY TO THE ORIGINALS). I tried to make everything I did very "splotchy", so I would start with my base color, and then paint on highlights and shades of different shades. Reds, oranges, and browns for the "brown" armor and then tan, cream, and sand for the shoretrooper style armor. I then went back over everything with the Vallejo black, grey, and tan paints to do all the chipping and scuffs. Then I do a quick matte seal.

After that, I weathered them with oils. I thinned raw umber and burnt umber with naphtha and would use a chip brush to splatter it on, dap it on, and then pat it with a soft sponge and towel. For the shoretrooper parts, I didn't use any burnt umber, but replaced that with black instead. I just kept repeating that, then sealed it, and then I went over everything with a silver acrylic to do all the silver scuffs. I also thinned down some orange oil paint and used it as a highlight on the brown armor (not weathering but highlighting)... also a great tip from Mr Guy and really made the armor pop.

Lastly, I used acrylic "tan" watered down in the cracks for sand, used hairspray to add some fullers earth, and then used some sand paper to create some realistic scrapes.
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Finished up my blaster from Joe Browning. I have another one from OuterRimWorkshop that I'll be sending to the guy who is painting one of my Efx helmets as well, who painted the original (I'm painting my other Efx helmet myself as I personally want to be able to learn how to paint these guys up).




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Thanks for all the compliments guys :)

Did a quick test paint on a really cheap resin helmet I have. I didn't do much work to this guy in terms of bodywork so it's rough, but I wanted to make sure I could test a couple things before I paint my EFX helmet. I did get two drips which I have since worked out how to prevent, but the results aren't too bad honestly. I DIDN'T paint the upper cheek area the correct color so pay no attention to that. This was just alumaluster, clear, and weathering. (also there's a weird looking scuff right under the visor that's like a grey color. Don't pay any attention to that, that will not be on the final EFX I paint.)



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Started working on piecing together and painting my rifle. Rifle is a RedzPropz file printed entirely on my Elegoo Saturn (other than one piece currently which was done for weight purposes by my friend Maxi on an FDM printer). The fork will also most likely be printed in FDM to prevent warping. I have to print a few other pieces and paint some pieces I already have printed (trigger, trigger guard) but the stock will be cut out of wood. Hoping to get a nice 2 1/2 inch thick piece of walnut to do it with.








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One piece at a time, right?

Got the stock all finished up... cut it out of a really cheap piece of lumber from home depot. But some sanding, staining, polyurethane, and some Old English has done the trick. I'll post finished pics tomorrow as I'm planning to attach it then. The only issue I'm having is that it's nearly impossible to attach using the redz keys. I'm sure if it were the original 3D printed piece I would have no issue but I'm definitely struggling with getting the resin piece to glue to the wood properly (tried tonight with some JB weld but it just peeled off). I'm going to try to drill a hole down the center of the stock tomorrow along with down the middle of the part of the blaster it's attaching to and then run a metal rod down the middle.



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Dang TWO efx helmets made the ultimate sacrifice!
I hope/think it was worth it. The helmet so far is really dang clean looking, just sharpening some areas here and there and it’s ready for paint. I’ve done a lot to it, added details that were somehow missed when molding the helmet, made the visor a little “squintier” (I think when they were molding their casts they must have cut the visor out a little too much because it’s way too wide from top to bottom towards the back of it) l, got a better visor that is more of the blue color as the original and got rid of that awful purple one, straightened the Mohawk lines, etc. I had a complete custom liner made for it as well by my friend Maxi. A little thicker and softer than the original EFX haha.


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Alright a couple of updates. Did a test fit of the suit so far and realized my cape is unfortunately too short after I weathered it and tried to make it look a little more pelted by throwing it in hot water (which is okay, I can use it for season 2 if I end up doing that suit as well) so I'll be making another one soon. The cape and vest are both by Darkside closet and they are beautiful and I would happily go back to them and get more stuff (which I actually will need to for my beskar suit).

Here's those pics, note I'm in a mirror so they're flipped. Also note the pics are terrible and I'm not wearing "everything" on the costume.



Also attached the JSC props mandoputer to my gauntlet which turned out really well. I do need to paint the little area where the gauntlet snaps together, so you can definitely see some grey showing, but that will be fixed. Tracking fob is a One Replicas fob installed by Cody Templeton

And then because I have no focus, I went ahead and started painting some Beskar S1 pieces. Note that my weathering on these guys is heavier than what most people do, but I so prefer it to the clean look you see more often.





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Lovin' this build! Much as I love the Beskar version part of me wishes we had seen more of Din in this costume, just scraping by and making his way in the galaxy!


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Lovin' this build! Much as I love the Beskar version part of me wishes we had seen more of Din in this costume, just scraping by and making his way in the galaxy!
Thank you! Yeah, same. I think that's why I made the beskar for that version look weathered as well... it's Star Wars, it needs to look like it's grimy and gross. And just look at the Razorcrest, Din isn't exactly the most "gentle" with his equipment LOL.

But, earth tones will always be my go to over anything else, so pre-beskar will always be my favorite... I'm sure I'll wear the Beskar to a few troops here and there and a few days of a con, but I just really dig the old weathered pieced together look. Probably the best costume we've had in Star Wars since Boba Fett and Vader, such a shame it's only 3 episodes long haha.