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Hey all,

I'm ready to start working up my templates for cutting pieces to build a scratch built helmet. I have a question about the bottom edge of the helmet. Does it slant in a straight line from back to front? If you sit the bottom edge on a table, is it flush all the way around? From the pictures, I can't tell for sure. Some make it look flat, others make the rear half from ear to ear look parallel to the brow line.

Thanks in advance!

its definately on a slant and is lower in the front. It's 4 right now or else i'd dig some pictures up right away. but it definately is not level all the way around. it u put it on your head it would cover everything in front and part of your neck would be exposed on the back. depending on what helmet is the only difference on the slant.

i'm sure someone with a boba-ref cd handy could post u the best pictures to observe the slant from a screen accurate helm


I know it definetly slants towards the front, but I can't tell if it slants all the way from the back to the front, or if the slant starts at the ears. Does that make sense? Sometimes it seems like it it is level from the ears back, and slanted down from the ears forward.

I personally think it starts dipping at the ears.......It is tough finding pics to determine this positively, just my opinion.
I don't know if the front and back slant at the same angle, but neither side is level. According to TK-409's measurements of the Mystery helmet, the middle of the back is shorter than either side, indicating that when curved, the back will not sit at a right angle to the surface which it is placed on. Hope this helps!
I'm assuming that from all the pics I've seen, the back grill is straight and the slant actually starts at the grill edges. It continues down to the outside edge of the teeth next to the visor with the teeth being straight lines also.

At least, that's the way I'm making mine. ;)
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