My suit so far


Well I've been lazy most of the summer and I guess it's time to get back at it . Here are some pics of my suit so far ( 1st try ) . I know it's not dead on screen accurate .Things I know about .... mixing ESB cape with ROTJ theme . I think the helmet is in the ESB as well . I have a raw MARROW SUN I will need painted soon to replace it .Not crazy about the open stock blaster . I have a new hollow rangefiner ( not painted as you can see ) .I have some Wookie braids but they seem to short to go around the shoulder and down , so I'll replace those .Notice no back plate ... I have a new raw fiberglass armor set and will get on that soon .Anything I left out ??? O K critics .... have at it !










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OH that is awesome, truely impressive, its comeing together very well. On the blaster I had the same one as you but I modified it to be more movie accurate but IT was a pain in the arse. Only thing I notice missing is the shin tools.


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:D great looking suit!

nice paint job on the jet pack... though I'd rub some slight red/gold/brown wash on the top of the rocket.

awesome suit!!

toke me a while to figure the backplate was even missing :p

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Dude! That costume sucks............................................................that I don't have it... You need to pack it up and just send it to me. Great job.