My Scratch-built jango jp (cardboard and papermache)


well, i decided to do something on the holidays (nothing else to do), and started on a jet pack. it's made of cardboard, cus i plan to coat it with paper mache. right know, i already have the mainbody and tanks done. i just need the rocket and the tank caps, and i can then coat it with paper mache. the rocket, i plan to make seperately (and when i say separetly, i mean not cardboard/papermache).

Jango Jp classic 001.jpg

Jango Jp classic 003.jpg

Jango Jp classic 004.jpg

Jango Jp classic 005.jpg

Jango Jp classic 006.jpg

Jango Jp classic 002.jpg
Thanks for the comments guys! i'm gonna start the tank caps. show u what i done when i'm finished. after that, the extra detail and the rocket. speaking of rocket, u think i should also make that out of cardboard?
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well, things have been a drag, so i haven't had much done today. all i did was attach the top tank caps on to the tanks. i also need to thicken the top part (sorry, don't know what it is called), it's to thin. more to come soon!

Jango Jp classic 011.jpg

Jango Jp classic 012.jpg

Jango Jp classic 013.jpg
Whoa. it's been a while since i posted here. well, there's been a WHOLE bunch of updates, lots! here in the pics.

note that i used WoF's templates, so i don't really deserve all that credit. your templates are amazing WoF!

Jp Classic new 001.jpg

Jp Classic new 002.jpg

Jp Classic new 004.jpg

Jp Classic new 005.jpg

Jp Classic new 006.jpg

Jp Classic new 007.jpg

Jp Classic new 008.jpg

Jp Classic new 010.jpg

Jp Classic new 003.jpg

Jp Classic new 009.jpg
I would also like to take a stab at making a jet pack out of cardboard...
can you give me some of the dimensions you are using?
I am not sure how big it should be...
i don't really have that much model making skills, and that's why i'm doing a simple one like this. if i have the money, i'd buy a fiberglass one, but i don't, and here i am. of course, i got the idea thanks to wasp, who made his own jet pack out of papermache. i think it's on the jango forums. use the search function, type in Papermache Jet Pack, and you should get it.

well, i just maximized it so the grids on WoF's templates are will be 1 inch. they are, after all, 1 inch.

Yes, i am using wizardofflight's templates. His templates are amazing!
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I like the whole home-made thing...

Makes one feel really good once its completed (if it turns out well)...

But that is just my 2 cents...
Qman101 said:
what does the saying "my 2 cents" mean? i know, it sounds stupid

it comes from the phrase "a penny for your thoughts". implying that instead of someone having to pay you to speak your mind, you'll give them twice as much for free.
digital509 said:
it comes from the phrase "a penny for your thoughts". implying that instead of someone having to pay you to speak your mind, you'll give them twice as much for free.
oh... that sounds clearer...
thanks, man!
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