My helmet battle scars..

Omega Man

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I know that this idea is not screen accurate but has it been done before? I decided to add part of my name on my helmet, and i made it look like battle damage. Can you see it? :confused

It says FAB....I might leave it for awhile...let me know what you think of the idea

<img src=>
Looks like you got knocked on the head with a dremal, looks great!!

Just one thing... I wouldn't have centered your name in the middle of the helmet, I would have place it in the back somewhere - but all looks good! (y)
I didn't do it to my MSH, but I do try to put my name on every prop I make in an inconspicuous manner, either as battle damage, weathering, UV ink... Helps out later if I have to prove it's *my* design, and then there's my name hiding in plain sight! I know, I'm eeeeevil. :evil
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