My FP armor progress

Jango Wes

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Well, several months later, here it is. I still need to paint the center piece though.




Looks really good! But the yellow T-shirt is not screen accurate. . . everyone knows Mandalorians always tuck their T-shirts in. :)
I tried to do a blackwash. It turned out crappy. I used Pavespawn's paint and windshield washer solution but it didn't turn out well. So I went outside, wiped some brake dust off my car and put that on there. It shows up in person.

Well, here's a couple of more shots. I have finished the upper armor, minus the back. I see many, many things I need to adjust after seeing this shot (especially the retarded look on my face). Mostly the fit of the jumpsuit.


Figured I'd give a shout to all my peeps who have helped me out:
Neckseal: TK409
vest: batninja
armor: FP
girth: E2K13
ammo belt: batninja
spats: batninja
boots: me
jumpsuit: Momma de Jango Wes (that's my mom for the Spanish impared readers)
Thanks guys!

The jumpsuit is a gray Dickies, soaked in bleach to lighten it and sewn up. The vest is the TDH vest material. As far as the bucket goes, I haven't gotten one yet. :facepalm Plus, after painting all the armor, I'm not gonna want to do anymore painting for while. I may actually outsource that one.

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