My 'completed' shin tools

Jango Fett Jr

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Here are my new shin tools in their current state.
I used a real Paterson RC print squeegee, and I modified an innacurate stir stick to resemble the Paterson stir stick. It will do until I get the real thing. Also on far right tool I used exacto knife handles for the rods until a run of accurate ones is done.
Let me know what you think (I put the one on the right in backwards! :eek:)



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Looks good. Instead of exacto blades I used a clevis pin (type of hitch pin) with holes down the side. cut the tops off, and replaced those with a end cap thing I found that goes on lamps at Ace hardware. I think that the exacto end on the clevis pin might look better though. Your tools are coming along nicely.