My Attempt at a Rubies Bucket


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I realize that the general consensus is to stay away from a rubies and that you should just go with a better helmet from the beginning, but I am very stubburn and had my go at one. This is my helmet. I hope you like it. I used a 1/8" thick piece of rolled steel flat stock on the inside to keep the flare. It has a bobamaker T-visor and all the decals were made with a custom vinyl machine and are not painted on. I have an adjustable welders mask ring on the inside along with 2 mini computer fans.
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:) looks ok to me!!

maybe you could get the red a bit more dirtier and some thinner scratches, with a small... very small pencil or something.

lookin good !
Looks good. Here is the rubies latex crap that I tried shining up:

It also looks like you had the same problems shaping it up that I had
1) There is a squished area right above the ears that won't stay pushed out.
2) Its impossible to keep the dome from flattening.

Rubies really are a lot of work, and it still amazes me that Lucas lets these crappy things be made.

All in all though, cheers for a job well done!
Dang, FT. I remember that thread. It was :puke at first, but thanks to you, I have hope that mine will be as (y) (y) :cheers as yours in the end.

bneally, great job!
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