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I have noticed some older threads referencing a helmet called an M1 and also an M3 as well as Sgt. Fang. What are these helmets axactly? WHen I google them, they point to TDH and I cannot seem to find more info on them. Are they available to purchase? Is there a tutorial on making them?

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Hi buddy. Not the best member to put you in the picture, Art Andrews is the expert, however I can maybe make it a little clearer. The M or mystery helmets are called this as the origin is a mystery, although legend has it they were cast from screen used helmets. Various vendors supply helmets you can purchase, some may have a relationship to the mystery helmets, however I don't think they are commonly available, unless a member is selling one. As for tutorials, they are out there, I can did out a link for ya if you like, but as the mystery about the mystery helmet is it's origin you won't be making one.

Hope that helps a little buddy.

Also, some one please correct me if this is wrong?


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MH/MS1/SGT Fang - are all variations of the Mystery helmet supposedly cast from a production helmet years back

MSH - an original fan sculpt by Natty, really nice helmet and hard to come by
MSH2 - Natty sold his molds to Fettpride who reworked the helmets details to produce this version

FPH - Again by Fettpride, this helmet was sculpted to closely resemble the ESB hero helmet

MR/Master Replicas LE/SE - A cleaned up 3d scan of the Pre Production 3 helmet

MF - Owned by Lee (Rogue Studios) this helmet is a direct cast from a production helmet

Ha I forgot to add these

MS2 - from what I understand an original sculpt by Jordy (Marrowsun)
MS3 - again from Jordy I think this was a highly modified MS-1 very very nice helmet

Hope it helps, if I've got any of that wrong please correct me, I'm not claiming to know it all :lol:
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Thanks gang, I guess I will continue on my quest of making my own for now, which is still super exciting to think about doing. So, yeah, any tutorial or daata other than Alan's templates would be great. I have seen a lot of pictures from everyone doing a panit job on their own buckets, which are really awesome, but not much in the way of sculpting and molding. I see a lot of references to casting and bondo or fiber resin, etc. but I have no clue where to start and hwo to actually do these things. I am sure it is easy to use once you get started, but I guess that is my issue....where to start!


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Thank you very much!! Stormtrooperguy, this is what I have been looking for for a few days now. I feel like I can finally get started. Thanks again, really huge help!!!