KidAkira's ROTJ MS3 - Pic Intensive


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Heres are some new pics of my MS3 Helmet (fixed a few areas up). It has a BM hollow RF stalk, BM deluxe RF, and a Hyperdyne wireless remote unit for the RF and RF lights.
H1ka.jpg H3ka.jpg
H2ka.jpg H4ka.jpg
H5ka.jpg H6ka.jpg
H7ka.jpg H8ka.jpg
H9ka.jpg H10ka.jpg

Cheers KA:)


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It looks like poop, but since the oringal ROTJ helmet looked that way too that means you did a great job making it look like the original!

Just incase you were confused the above comment is ment as a compliment and should not be taken any other way. Great job on the helmet.

Jimmy BufFETT

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WHOA! That is quite an amazing helmet right there. Any chance you could post a blow-up of the last pic (the one that shows the inside of your helmet?) I'm interested to see how you've got your Hyperdyne equipment rigged up as I've got the same equipment in my helmet, but there is stuff EVERYWHERE!

Also, did you manage to get the Hyperdyne LED chip into the rangefinder? If so, did you modify it at all?


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Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm just about finished everything now except the vest and some off the minor details, so not far to go now!
Heres a larger pic of inside the helmet so you can better see the Hyperdyne set up. The RF lights are joined up to the main unit with wire running up the hollow RF stalk. When the servo/stalk moves down, the lights start flashing. I need to get a stronger servo though as sometimes it has trouble bringing it back up. The RF is one of BM's solid and ready finished ones. I just ordered it without the LED's installed and drilled through the holes to allow my LED's to fit in and have the wires pass through to the stalk! Hope that helps:)



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Daaang...that's pretty sweet.

I love how the ROTJ looks like it just got kicked down a gravel driveway and back. Scared to death to try to paint one yet. :(