I finally painted my MS3


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After months, and I mean months, of it sitting in a box, I finally started painting my MS3 bucket. I'm to the point that there is only a few things left as far as the paint goes. I need to paint the turn signals, and do an acrylic wash. I'm not extremly pleased with my back of the helmet. Reason being that the green isn't right, but I couldn't find anywhere close by that had the green that TK-7602 had, since his way of painting is what I followed. I think, for my first time ever doing this, it turned out ok. His site was very helpful and he was very polite when I asked him some questions about the techinque and where to get the masking fluid since, again, no place around here had that.

What do you all think, did I do ok? (y) (n)

I still have to research the best way to attach the ear caps and RF, but I'm looking for a better RF. I have the alum. stalk. I thought about looking into a servo and some fans for the bucket. Dunno yet. Heck I'm still piecing together the rest. I have Gauntlets, chest LED, gloves, cape, ankel spats, and neck seal. So much more to go!

Thanks in advance for the feedback.





Thanks, yes it is my first post since joining last year. I never had a reason to post anything until now.

Oh yeah, I plan on "washing" it here today hopefully. I just have to paint the turn signals. I'll post after wash pictures soon. :)

That's a really good job, especially for a first run. Using the wash like you've said and sealing it with Testor's dullcoat will help the colors to blend and look more natural. The green on the back looks pretty good, with the wash and dullcoat I think it'll look good.

Howdy dude and welcome to TDH!:cheers

Reason being that the green isn't right, but I couldn't find anywhere close by that had the green that TK-7602 had on his, since his way of painting is what I followed.

You found a pretty good source of information right there!

I think the paint job looks OK for right now ... just gotta get some acrylic washes, and it will look darker and more weathered.(y) Good job so far.;)
Thanks for the warm welcome. All of the folks on here seem to be really nice, compared to other forums I've seen.

Yeah I really need to do the washes. I added a tad bit more topical weathering last night and painted the turn signals. If I don't get to the wash today then it will be a couple of days since I'll be gone for a couple of days. But once I get it done I will post the pics.

Again thanks :)

I washed the bucket, but I think I made it too dark. What do you all think? Well, in any case, this is where it's at right now.





Yeah, I though it was too dark. I just wiped some of that stuff off. In just a few minutes I will post some pics of after I wiped some off.
I painted the ear caps and sanded them off a bit and temp put them on. I think that they may need a bit of black mixed in. I redid the last kill marks. A friend of mine said that it would make sense that some are a tad newer so I touched up the last few to make them look somewhat brighter. I haven't dullcote'd it yet, though, not until I'm totally satisfied with my work. Comments?






I decided that I didn't like all of that "dirt" so I wiped more of it off and it brightened it up more. It seems this is a never ending battle.




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