MS3 # 18 buildup


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Well here goes:





I used TK-7602's paint list (mostly krylon sprays).

I masked the damage, removing it between coats. (re-apply when ready to move on).

I weathered the helmet with a mixture of windex and water, mixed with chalk (black, brown, white, tan) in various amounts. I mostly used my fingers to wipe in the "muck" as I call it, and then wiped the surfaces with clean cloth. I feel using chalks give a more "natural" weathering look to the items.

Since I will use the same techniques on all the Fett items, they will all match for the same "weathering" effects.

The windex gives the paint that "two-tone" look. If you let it sit in places then wipe it off, for example the green, wherever the stuff was sitting will turn a lighter green than the surrounding area (no chalk in this mixture). Testors "Dull Coat" was used to seal in everything.

The Rangefinder was scratchbuilt - with hyperdyne electronics installed.

I am waiting for my circuit board from Bobamaker to attach to the back. I still need to install the servo equipment to make the finder go up and down remotely.

Also - I am stripping out the "guts" of a batting helmet to make a liner inside.

There are finer scratches and other detail that doesn't show in the pictures - looks darker in real life.

All in all - I'm pretty happy with the results.
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Another AWESOME helmet! Job well done! You should be proud! That is a sweet looking helmet. And to hear that you made the RF from scratch... Consider me impressed!!!!
tk7602 said:
it looks great! it definitely looks like its been around the galaxy a few times ;)

LOL - yah - my two cats are afraid of it when it's sitting on the table.

Thanks for the comments!
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