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Not sure if this is the correct section to post this, please feel free to move it.

I have just finished installing a motion sensor within my helmet, this means that every time someone walks near to my mannequin his head moves from side to side.

It is very low cost and can be done in a day. Step by step guide is on my webpage.
That is awesome! I think if I did this I'd try to angle the unit so that Fett nods his head instead of side to side. Cool tutorial, thanks BM.
:D hey that's just awesome!!!

but why all the cutting and modifying to the wiring of the camera etc... wasn't it possible to just attach this thing to your mannequin and leave like that??...
I used a dremel to remove his head... he has very little body left at all because mannequins tend to have a very athletic build, so I had to remove lots of the body parts so I could fit him in the costume.

I'll be showing him at MEM in a couple of weeks, it'll be nice to see people's reaction (is there a guy in there?...) :lol:
:) I really think this is awesome BM!!

I will probably have a real mannequin in september... time for "Gerrit" to leave this please then... it's ok... but I have to force my costume to fit at some points... not pleasant, and it's a pain to get him standing... but then again... for a pvc pipe dude... he's pretty cool... :p

this moving head Idea is very cool though...
When you say you removed body parts to get him into the suit, how did you do that?

I have a mannequin who is built like Batista.. his thighs and calves are absolutely huge.. I thought about cutting them out a bit, but wasn't sure if that was a good idea since they're hollow pieces.. do you have any pics available of what you did ?

awesome work as usual.. I love seeing what you come up with..

hey bobamaker...ya should do a quick vid of the head moving, and put it on your love your site....such great talent!!!! ;)
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