Mirdin (Mir'ika) Tarvos WIP Armor and Helmet


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Hey 'Tater (sorry to shorten the name, but I like 'taters;) ) anyway I have a question... the Rubies 2 piece, I almost got 1, but went for the more expensive (and crapier IMO) hard rubber 'DELUXE' version. My question is size, which is larger? if you know, the deluxe does fit me, but after seeing how well you managed to put yours together, I wanna get me a couple of these. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks guys!

Adonian--A lot of people call me Taiter, in RL and online ;) !
As far as size, I'm not sure, though I do have a latex Boba Fett helmet, and they seem to be pretty close to the same size. Either one still seems to be big on me, but I hope to fix that with the 2-piece. The 2-piece has a bit more room inside IMO, as it's made from thinner material, and overall just feels less stuffy. I'm pretty much keeping the BF helmet for display only. It is warped a bit, but heck for $10 on eBay, I'm glad to have it! :D

I was just thinking, when I get armor done, it might mesh better in regards to the helmet size--my shoulders appear bigger, then the helmet won't seem too big.


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THX for that 'Tater, I'll be gettin' a couple of the 2 piece from the flea of bay as soon as I got's me some mo' money.

Don't ask why I'm talking like that, I don't even know. :lol:
Thanks! Time for a couple of updates:

I really don't remember where the heck I got my pair of gloves, but they are all black with a Velcro closure, no patches, tags, or anything like that, so they should work well. From a shoulder bell design that was cut out for one of the ladies at the armor party, I used it as reference, and modified it to a design for my gloves. Larry (Ge'tal) and I both agreed that the "angled" design of some armor plates looks pretty cool.

It took me a couple of tries, but after measuring my hand and using the curve along some stitching on my gloves, I came up with the final version, on the bottom. In the process, I taped the templates on my glove to see how they worked.


Here's pics of what I have done so far, though I'm planning on getting these done today!
I got them cut out, sanded down around the edges, shaped, and painted with a first coat all yesterday.

Gloves with templates on them:

On hand:

In a fist:

Cut out:

Finished out with a dremmel:

Shaped out and first coat:

The pink you see in the pictures is my all-pink tool box. Yes, I actually own something pink. :rolleyes: It's a toolbox that my late grandmother bought for me so my husband will keep his hands off. I got it out of my car so I could use the razor cutter.
I'll attach the armor plates with Velcro, and I'm planning on tucking part of the glove under the shin-guard gauntlets I have to work with. Going by a suggestion from Darian (and probably a couple others here) I'm going to attach the gloves to the gauntlets to limit their movement and make it bit easier to get them on.
I'm still going to use a few pieces of the trash can armor I had cut out, but for the chest plates at least (and possibly more) I'm going to use Sintra. At an armor party I attended this past weekend, I got to see in person how awesome that stuff really is, and was given a scrap to take home so I could play with it :D Enough to make the glove armor pieces, and I'll give some to my friend, Ge'tal. I'll be ordering some of that stuff online! (y)
It never ceases to amaze me whenever I see a set of trashcan armor. I'm going to try a set out for my prototype armor. Thanks for all oyur hard work in here guys!
Thanks guys! I have a couple more pics to update:

Glove plates are done, and these are just taped to the gloves for now...


I did paint the underside silver along with a coat of bright copper--I really like how they turned out!
It was suggested to me at Mercs to use toothpaste to help in weathering, and it works wonders! ;)

NOte: these glove armor parts are made from Sintra, not the trash can plastic. I was given a scrap piece of Sintra to play with, and I love the stuff. HOwever, I am still using the trash can plastic for a few armor parts like belly and shoulders. I'm going to use Sintra for the chest pieces as I need something that will bend a lot more.
Finally picked up the sheet of pvc foamboard that I've had at home for a few weeks now. I ordered it from USPlastics and it took no time at all to arrive, but I had just not done anything with it yet.
However, last night and today, I did quite a bit of work on a set of knees! They are ready to get glued together and painted, then on to add some of the little details.

Inexpensive foam kneepads I bought at Sears. They are so very light, I can hardly tell when I have them on. The foam is a durable material, yet I believe it can be trimmed to whatever size or shape I need, if I need to do so. They cost around $7. They seemed to be a very nice base for knee armor!

I used newspaper to draw out a design for the knee armor, keeping in mind the foam kneepads' elastic band.

How they might look...I might not end up cutting too much of the black kneepads as I plan to have a black jumpsuit.

Before sanding, taped together to get overall look.

After heating again and adding a few dents.

As far as I am for now, all sanded, glueing and painting are next. I might cut them down a bit so they are not quite so big, but I think they will work anyway. I need to heat up the top of the left one to get the tips curved a bit more.

For the forming, I wore both kneepads and labeled the armor pieces left and right. When I took the armor pieces out of the oven, I used gloves to form them around the foam kneepads to get the right curved shape. I don't have pics of the drawn out design on the pvc board--those are on my phone and I'm having issues getting images to my sd card. I added the "sides" just on the outside of the armor knees as I thought they might get in the way on the inside leg.

p.s.---I'll try to make the pics smaller in my photobucket account next time...:facepalm

Thanks, adonian! Yeah, I've held this up long enough. Halloween is the month after next, and I plan on attending Archon in Collinsville, IL the first weekend of October. Hopefully, I'll be able to go in costume, if not, then Halloween.

This pvc foamboard is SO much fun to use! :D
I re-did my knees. They are not done, but only sanding, glue, and paint left. I'm now happy with the way they look, so this is it:
First, I made a new newspaper pattern. This will be about the same, but shorter.

Shown on knee armor before cutting, along with the sides.

Next, I marked lines (with dry erase marker) for creasing and where I wanted to trim them on the bottom.

Wiped off lines after scoring a little, and ready to pop back in oven.

After creasing/trimming

On my knee

I will still use a heat gun to work on small areas a bit more, but other than that, just sanding, glue and paint, and these will be done! (I might add a few extras, though not sure yet) I swear, my oven hasn't seen this much action in a LONG time! :D


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hey tater if your posting on this thread i was wondering..... is the deluxe 2 piece jango fett helmet a latex rubber piece of junk like the boba fett one or is it plastic and if so thin or thick plastic, i just wanted to know before i bought it.. I was just curious i didn't know what it was like (i never made a mando suit before lol im a noob)but yah nice work by the way!!:D