Mike M.'s jango progress thread (update 12-15-19)


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I like it.

Sadly I have no suggestion for the rearrangment of internal organs.............
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Mike M.

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another rocking update! buckle your seatbelts because your mind is ABOUT TO BE BLOWN!!!!





and merry christmas from the fett family!
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Mike M.

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Back from the dead! After 8 years and many troops, I figured it was time to give Jango some attention again. If you scroll up you can see how I've been presenting the costume for years now, and I just haven't ever been happy with the space between the bottom of the ab plate and the top of the girth. Originally they were all built as one heavy piece with a lot of attachment points, and even in the best of shape it accentuated my belly, making me more of a Jango Fatt. A few weeks ago I got the idea to separate the ammo and girth belts from the cod and holsters and put them on at different times while getting suited up. I added a webbing belt to hold up the cod and the holsters clip just above my waist, but under the vest, now; and the girth/ammo can go on over the vest and be placed more accurately. That's plenty of words, here are some pictures.


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Mike M.

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I just finished up properly weathering my armor about an hour ago. I have a few pics of that too, dirty armor is best armor.


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Mike M.

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Your armor looks much better on you, weathering is looking good! What did you use to do the weathering?
Black, brown, and grey acrylic hobby paints and a 1/2" brush

*edit* and a wet paper towel. i used what i like to call the "bird poop" method.
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