1. BaoDurNBots

    Any interactions with this vendor at Etsy?

    Hello there guys, Has anyone here ever had any interactions with the vendor Nippers on Etsy? He owns HammyBuckets, and has a cool Jango helmet on the store. Just curious if you had any feedback. Thanks!
  2. Tom Walker

    Jango Fett Built from Scratch (Pic Heavy!)

    Hi All! I'm building A Jango Fett costume from scratch, along side a Boba Fett costume. I have another thread for the Boba build which covers the majority of the armour making processes... https://www.thedentedhelmet.com/forums/threads/esb-boba-fett-scratch-build-pic-heavy.34851/ The majority...
  3. bucketheadprops

    Buckethead's Jango Build

    Thought I'd start a build thread as I work towards my costume. I'm 5"11 and 100kg Helmet: Etsy - Complete Gauntlets: Cruzer - Complete Blasters: Dark Energy Creations - Complete Armour: DC Props and Armour - acquired Flightsuit: Bobamaker Flak Jacket: Bobamaker Boots: Crowprops Girth Belt...
  4. thrax

    BH4548 Back again - sold my kit long ago - want to rebuild... [Progress Post - Pic Heavy]

    Greetings Vode, I am a long time member that sold my kit a few years back due to travelling on the SBX-1 (google it). I want to rebuild a new Jango with premium parts, so I need a few things... Here is my original kit that I sold... Complete Movie Accurate Jango Fett Costume with Extras...
  5. Mike M.

    Mike M.'s jango progress thread (update 12-15-19)

    ok, here's something i was playing with on my new asok jango helmet. as i was sanding the helmet going from 200 to 320 to 400 to 800 i found myself not entirely happy with the finish i was achieving so i had an idea. i thought, "there is aluminum powder in the resin, that's actual metal, not...