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  • hi there Cruzer, I need help! Can you please help me? I got your bracers awhile back, but I need to replace the hinge piano pin that has been lost and bent. Do you have the size, where to get it or can i get some hinge kits from you? Im in a bind and I need your help. Thank you
    Hey Cruzer are you still around.
    I tried sending you a message but it says I cannot start a conversation with you.

    I'm after some things from you.
    Good day! For a month now I have been looking for where it is possible to order Bo Katan Jetpack. I heard that you can help, is this true?
    Hello there,

    Sent a message in our last feed of conversations, please let me know if you are available to assist with my Jango as I work to complete the project. Thanks.

    Hey there...I was looking at an old 2017 thread of a Jango fett Helmet you made. Are you still making them and what is your lead time like, materials etc. It looks like a really nice helmet. thanks!
    Hello iam wanting to buy a cold cast unpainted jango fett helmet. Some one mentioned that you possibly do that wondering price and if your available to do it
    Hey Cruzer!
    Looking for a good Jango helmet. What’s the price tag?

    Thank you,
    I was told to give you a hollar to see if you know of any extra crow boots. He hasnt answered my emails for 3 weeks and am considering disputing the charges for a refund. I appreciate any assistance you have. I wear size 9 US
    Couldn´t continue the conversation because my content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements hahaha

    I´m thin and a bit strong (not so stocky)... If you need a photo I can send you...

    Thanks for all!!
    Hi Lorenzo! Glad to hear that!

    I’m 87 kg, 185 cms tall and the waist circumference is about 97cms (38,3 inches)...
    Please send me a personal message.
    Hi Cruzer!

    I´m Mauri García and belong to the Spanish Garrison. I´m working on a Jango Fett costume and a colleague of mine gave me your contact because you do some parts. I´m interested in buying some of them. Could you please inform me about these pieces and prices???

    Thanks and best regards!!!
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