jango fett

  1. BaoDurNBots

    Any interactions with this vendor at Etsy?

    Hello there guys, Has anyone here ever had any interactions with the vendor Nippers on Etsy? He owns HammyBuckets, and has a cool Jango helmet on the store. Just curious if you had any feedback. Thanks!
  2. bryceelischer

    Cold Cast Jango Helmet

    So I’m starting on a Jango Fett helmet and upper torso armor build. I 3D printed all the parts and cleaned them up and in the process of molding the armor to cold cast. I’ve already finished the helmet and cast a couple with the third one coming out perfect for painting. I’ll post updates as I...
  3. N

    Montross (Bounty Hunter- Corey Allemeier Concept)

    Sooo, it’s gonna be some time before my plates come in for both of my Montross kits (or rather three since I’m also doing the action figure version as well). So I thought I’d give you guys an appetizer in the meantime. When I spoke to Jon Knoles about advice for the Bounty Hunter version, he...
  4. N

    Montross (Open Seasons) Boot Question

    Okay so I got these boots and I’m having a hard time deciding on what to do. What I’m gonna do is take the laces out and put a leather flap over the front to cover the eyelets and to mirror that he has on the top of the boot. What’s getting me is whether he has shin armor or not. In one panel...
  5. bucketheadprops

    Buckethead's Jango Build

    Thought I'd start a build thread as I work towards my costume. I'm 5"11 and 100kg Helmet: Etsy - Complete Gauntlets: Cruzer - Complete Blasters: Dark Energy Creations - Complete Armour: DC Props and Armour - acquired Flightsuit: Bobamaker Flak Jacket: Bobamaker Boots: Crowprops Girth Belt...
  6. thrax

    BH4548 Back again - sold my kit long ago - want to rebuild... [Progress Post - Pic Heavy]

    Greetings Vode, I am a long time member that sold my kit a few years back due to travelling on the SBX-1 (google it). I want to rebuild a new Jango with premium parts, so I need a few things... Here is my original kit that I sold... Complete Movie Accurate Jango Fett Costume with Extras...
  7. B

    New Vender

    Hello, my name is Scott. I'm an amateur prop maker out of Southern Calirofornia. I'm a full-time RN and father of a mini Mando son. I Started Outer Rim Armory because of my love of star wars and painting. I have a shop on Etsy and have been making Sintra armor kits for over a year. I now have...
  8. Mangofett185

    New to the Jango community

    Hey guys I'm a long time jango fett fan and new to the costume gang, anyways I'm making mine fairly cheaply (cardboard dont judge lol) anyways I've tried making the helmet and it went horribly, would love some feedback on how to make the helmet. Also started making his jetpack and I'm actually...
  9. John Haythem

    What Does BKBT Stand for ?

    What Does BKBT Stand for and why can I find any of them ?
  10. Mike M.

    Mike M.'s jango progress thread (update 12-15-19)

    ok, here's something i was playing with on my new asok jango helmet. as i was sanding the helmet going from 200 to 320 to 400 to 800 i found myself not entirely happy with the finish i was achieving so i had an idea. i thought, "there is aluminum powder in the resin, that's actual metal, not...