Looking for a custom set of Mandalornian armour for female

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Wannabe Mandalorian

Hi there first of all let me introduce myself, my name is Doomgiver (nick name) im 18 yrs old and im from Scotland, im looking for Mandalorian armour that would fit me ( a girl) im 5ft 4" small build.

Thanks for you help :)
Hi and welcome aboard!
I guess my first question is, do you want armor in the female form or armor exactly like Jango or Boba? I just finished a female Mandalorian for my wife. Fett Girl
Which one were you looking for?

Mirax's armor is a great example of Jango armor for a female (http://mirax.iwarp.com/jangofett/index2.html), and LisaFett's is a great example of Boba Fett armor for a female (http://www.azeem2000.com/bobafett/index.shtml). On the female form side, you've got the set Jango Wes did for his wife, bigkidbiggertoy's wife's Jango-esque suit (http://www.stellardesigns.ca/Femme%20Fett%20-%20Progress%20Pics.html), and my Barbie Fett which I'm still working on (http://www26.brinkster.com/leiacost/barbie). There are several other girls on the board working on armor, too, so it is possible to be female and have Fett armor. Lots of variety in style to choose from.
I too am looking for the best way to create female armour. I have most of my armour but creating a natural shape is proving annoying to say the least! Whilst I haven't ruled out more traditional armour for my custom (should it prove too difficult), I would prefur to be recognisably female if at all possable.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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