Let the Madness Begin.......UPDATED!


Here is just a quick update. I masked my bucket and will start painting today as soon as my turbo heater heats up the garage. Here are a couple pics!





no - he's re-painting a helmet that was formerly Jango.

dude- you need to SAND all that old paint off before you re-paint - or else youre going to have a mess on your hands LOL

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lol I am sanding it. I sanded for hours! I just applied the primer. As that dries I am now rethinking my paint scheme lol!

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Here is an updated pic. I have some touch-up work to do but this is basically how the bucket will look. Let me know what you think!



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looks great!!

i think maybe painting the cheeks and ear pieces a contrasting color (or complimentary red) would look good.

nice work! look at steve the swedes thread for ideas on making the scratches more "realistic" LOL

great work!
Not bad at all, I like it. You might want to mess around with the damage on the front mandibles, maybe add some more. The stuff on the ear and towards the back looks good though. Welcome to the silver and red party :D!
Thanks! I have worked on the damage quite a bit. I am heading over to my friends house now to install some LED's. Thanks! I'll post update pics later!

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