General RobotZo's ESB build

These specific images make me think there is a little bit of glossiness to it. I don't believe that a matte finish would capture this much light and reflect so brilliantly. It might not be a high gloss but there is definitely something there in my opinion. I might still hit it with some light great to lighten it up.
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It just normal reflection, i don't see a glossy shine, ROTJ has more of that glossy finish
I buffed it down a little bit with some steel wool but it’s still too glossy. Gonna pick up a satin clear coat that I used on all my other pieces but had run fresh out of for this one.
Got the cod painted and happy with how it turned out, just needs matt coat and some weathering/misting. I used a 50/50ish mix of Archive X Light Green and Archive X Weyerhaeuser Green.


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