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I am about to start sculpting a set of knee armor ready to mold and make FG copies for sale. The question I have is "If you were to buy a set, would you want the battle damage cast into the pieces?"

The reason I ask is that I have seen various different versions of damage, ESB, ROTJ, MOM etc....

I know I won't be able to please everybody, but I need to know what is generally the most acceptable? As always, our input is appreciated.

i would say yes, cast the damage part of the sculpt.

personally i think the MOM are helpful to an extent. For when i was painting my ESB helmet to the MOM images, I noticed that more scratches and damage had occurred to the helm then what I have seen in the original ESB photos. Also, (armor)casts could have been made just for the MOM and might not be 100% screen used.

That said, I would not use the MOM as a reference but the films, and original photos

thats my two-cents
Personally, I prefer to have just the dents added, but not scratches. I'll probably be the minority, but it's just my opinion.

I can't wait to see these...
As far we know, the armor at MOM and AOSW are all original parts, including pieces from ROTJ and Preproduction suits. However, the pieces of armor have been jumbled up and distributed between MOM and AOSW.

There is a Preproduction cod piece on the MOM suit and a Preproduction knee on the AOSW suit. When researching Fett parts, one should check the film and stills from the film to identify what parts were used in the particular still, and one should then use that information to find the corresponding part, if it exists, on either one of the tour suits.
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