Paint Colors?


Jr Hunter
Hi all,

After much stalling I am ready to start my ESB armor painting.
To start easy I will begin by painting the shoulder and knees as practice for masking, damage, shading, etc..

Before I mess things up with the wrong colors and have to repaint everything, I'd like to know what the final-be-all-end-all ultimate paint list and guide is?
I have about a dozen TDH links to various builds going back several years (2003!), and it seems like the paint colors have evolved over time.
Some of the newer build threads don't list paints used, or list paints that are hard to find.

Are the colors and scratches / damage shown in the "Paint by Numbers" post still relevant?

The reason I ask is if you look at the paint callouts in the above thread, it lists only one orange / yellow mix for the right shoulder and both knees. Humbrol 154 and 82.
However, according to the CRL for ESB armor, you get the following explanations:
  • Right shoulder Orange - similar to PMS 152 CP
  • Left shoulder, golden yellow - similar to PMS 116 U
  • Right knee, orange - yellow - similar to PMS 152 CP
  • Left knee, yellow-orange - similar to PMS 2013U

So, for the same color (PMS 152 CP), it is described as both orange AND orange-yellow.

The reason I want to be exact is I have read through a couple build threads where the builder had to repaint armor pieces as they were deemed too light or too dark by the reviewer.
Some builders were rightfully peeved as the build reviewer wanted everything repainted when the colors could possibly be off due to lighting, computer monitor differences, etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide.