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So I was reading Twin Engines of Destruction, and at the end, Jodo Kast's Helmet comes off with a sequence of button presses on a keypad on the back of his helmet- Is this something The Jodo Customers do with their helmets?

Jodo Kast 3 I'm looknig mostly at you, but I know there's a few other good Kast's out there.

A sealed helmet? cool. Someone around here made some sort f fabric layer at the opening of there jango helmet to hide the skin of the neck and to look like it was a sealed suit. Can't remember who though. But he didn't have buttons, and that was for Jango...

Do you have a pic?
Well yeah, sealed, but I mean the keyslots on the back of Kast's helmet are drawn in a way that makes them different from Boba Fett's.

Here's an attachment showing what I means



Its a tough mod for sure. This is what the back of my helmet looks like:

Would I have liked to go with the squares on the back of my helmet?...Yes. Can I still...? Yes. But all in all I considered it a minor deviation that only a few of us notice. I think once I am done with my curent project, I might go back and make the back of my helmet look more to that shot...minus the red...UGGGHHH!!!!

You know what might work I just thought of for the keyhole mod that would make it more like Jodo's, is probly cutting even squares of red plastic, like semi-shiny red plastic, and putting them over the regular slots. Perhaps you can make a removable strip that you can take on and off from the regular slots. Just an idea.

I'd never noticed that keypad on the back of Jodo's bucket in the comics-how cool. I'll end up digging out that comics later and will definitely take a closer look. It just looks like a keypad, no? I wouldn't think that'd be rocket science to change, but I'm not sure I'd want to go changing a finished helmet for the same reasons Jodo stated. Plus I'd mess things up and would have to repaint-again. And yes that was a lesson I learned the hard way and won't be soon to repeat it... :cheers

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