Jodo Kast Jodo Kast jet pack, use Boba's?


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Yes, Jodo's pack is the same as Boba's just painted differently and with a different rocket.
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Yep, Jodo uses a Mitrinomon Z-6 pack, you'll need to mod the rocket it comes with though to be accurate, once you get a Ref. CD you'll be able to see the diffrent paint scheme of it,etc. But yes, a Boba pack would be what your looking for. (y)
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Jodo Kast 3

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Jodo `s jet pack is the same as Boba`s, with a different paint scheme and different rocket top:
Jet Pack.jpg



How`s that?
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Who made the rocket folks?
Or, could a Jodo with one please let me know the dimensions of the rocket as I am planning on getting one made.

Thank you

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