Jet Pack Tutorial in the making pics added


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I´m planing to scratch build myself a Boba Fett Jet Pack. What helped me out was that I found a drawing of the Jet Pack her in the forum, not gonna mention the name of the maker.

From this I´ve been making a drawing of the bottom, and the sides.

I plan to post a tutorial when I start this.

Now I´m just finding the right material. I plan on using a PVC pipes to make the fuel tanks and Missile launcher. For the back and sidepanels I´m thinking about using a sheet plastic or wood. Think I´ll go with the plastic.

My main headache is how to make the rocket it self. Any input would be helpfull.

This is the largest scratchbuild project since I made my E-11 blaster.

Will need a bigger workstation here at home.
I´ve been hard at work on my jet pack. Soon there will be pictures. I´ve spent alot of time going through reference photos and trying to get the right dimensions.

I´m going to take some progress pictures tonight and post tomorrow.

This is what I´ve done so far. The plan is to make the structure as strong as possible without gaining to much weight.


The first casualty of the jet pack, my dog :( he stepped on sharp screws and hurt his paw, he bled terribly much.

But he is recovering.




I used screws to secure the sides and panels in their place. I´m finishing up sawing out the pices and get fit in place. Then the paint job.

Im still looking for a way to make or find someting to put on top of the fueltanks.

Any ideas?
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It´s not to heavy, it looks heavy but not for my back, will weigh it and tell you.

It is made from plywood and PVC
Not to shoot you down but man that's going to be heavy when you're done. The design is looking GREAT but man...I'd be very concerned about the weight. Mine is hollow and really only a few pounds but I'll tell you what... after a couple of hours wearing it, it might as well be 30 pounds. It gets tiring quick. Good luck!
I put it on the scale and it weighs 5. kilos. as I said it is not that heavy. At least not for my back.

It beats the 30 kilo backpack in the service.
Hope the pictures will be visable. I had to change the URL beacause the host changed a small part of it.

If it will happen again I will post them on another site.
Yeah, we can see the pics now too. Great job on that pack so far! (y)

Oh by the way, that's a beautiful dog. Hope he heals quickly. :)

Keep up the great work on the jet pack and keep the progress pics coming. :D
I´ve noticed that there have been problems with the pics. I changed host but that seems to be down a part of the day to day that is. Hope it will be up and running soon.

mobius wrote:

...It beats the 30 kilo backpack in the service...
:rolleyes all the questions answered

mobius wrote:

I´ve noticed that there have been problems with the pics. I changed host but that seems to be down a part of the day to day that is. Hope it will be up and running soon.
you always can use the IMAGE HOSTING :lol: i just imagine a creepy voice :lol:
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