Jet Pack Removable Rocket from Tank foor Travel and stability


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Anyone picking up my previous post in an existing thread knows I'm new to THD and one of those sad cases who purchased the Rubies not so Supreme Boba Fett Costume. I've junked the flight suit, ordered a replacement from MOW and have replacement Armor in hand. I wanted to try and salvage anything that was remotely close to workable and am having the flak jacket reworked with a hidden Zipper in back with a pull line, the neck pieces fiber filled and the vest taken in for a better fit. We'll see what I get back from the needle queen I take my alteration jobs to.

If anyone else is shipping their kit for air travel as I have you know the problem in getting the Jet-Pack with the Rocket attached in any container and still have room to pack the rest in a container under 80" total inches to keep your shipping cost down to about $100 each way. My answer was to disembody the Rocket from the tank in a manner that would allow easy removal and attachment and still remain stable when mounted.

Here's my 'Franken' Tank' and Rocket retro fit. WARNING: It's a Rubie's and hasn't been detailed or painted yet. That's the next step.


a ) 4.0” O.D. x 3.50” I.D. PVC by 1.25 LENGTH:
b) 3.5” OD to 2.5” PVC reducer
c) DEVCON - Plastic Welder
d) X-acto knife or equivalent

STEP 1: Sand inside the 3.5" ID PVC ring (item a above) to allow an easy but snug fit with item b above
STEP 2: Remove Tapered Flange from Bottom of the Rocket and ‘square’ by trimming to present a flush fit to a flat surface (table top) Rubies Jet Pak - Removable Rocket ref-fit #1.jpg

STEP 3: Cement the Rocket onto the top of the 3.5” OD to 2.5” PVC reducer . Rubies Jet Pak - Removable Rocket ref-fit #2.jpg Rubies Jet Pak - Removable Rocket ref-fit #3.jpg

STEP 4: Using the 4.0” O.D. x 3.50” as a template. Position it above the existing Hole in the top of the Tank and score the top of the tank from the inside diameter. Gauge the placement of the PVC tubing positionally toward the back of the Tank and the two sides leaving about 3/16” back-set to allow for cementing the ring up against the remaining top of the Tank as well as the walls. NOTE: You will only contact the Tank walls with this insert method around appx 60% of the hole as the Tank walls fall away from the center line of the hole.

Rubies Jet Pak - Removable Rocket ref-fit #4.jpg

STEP 5: Remove and Insert Rocket as needed. Rubies Jet Pak - Removable Rocket ref-fit #5.jpg

This has proven to be a really easy job and one that improves ease of packing and transport as well as provides better stability over that not even passable original glue down job.

Next post will show the modification to an off the shelf inexpensive large plastic tote and how to secure it for air and ground travel and still allow TSA access.

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