J-ROCK's ESB paint job (pre-pro to ESB conversion)


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Well, here is yet another ESB paint job (Sorry). I basically had to do it since so many of you have great helmets, I was inspired to get off my butt and re-paint. Thanks for all the pics, paint and tutorials (DPR, Rogue Studios, Kibosh, Shinobi, ect... ) and all the other people who posted their pics on-line. It really helps to see as many paint jobs as possible.
By the way, I used the Rust-oleum Sage Green 1933 for the Dome and cheeks.
.....here are some pics at the following link.....if you go back to the helmet album you can see some BEFORE and AFTER pics....why do picture always make things look bad??

And here it is all together, I have made a lot of changes since I last posted my complete pic.
Aside from a little more weathering any comments?
I would sage green certainly works! What did you use on the armor? I like the way those two greens work together.
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