Hasbro ESB Fett to ROTJ conversion.


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And, the weathering has begun.
Thankfully, having that layer of silver makes a lot of the small silver scratches and nicks and scuffs are easy to just scrape off with a hobby knife.
So, I started with the visor area, as the other areas of the helm have a bit too much green and darker layers to scrape through, and using hi-res up close pics from the Magic of Myth exhibition of the ROTJ Fett, I was able to pretty much duplicate most of the fine lines and detailing simply by scraping the red away.
I even added the "checking" in the paint that I never saw on the helm until those hi-res pics were available.
There's a lot of even smaller dotting of silver/white, but that will probably end up being a "spackling" from a brush when everything else is done.
I also added some silver to the larger damage streaks, and dotted some black on areas specified in the ROTJ stencils.
The back slotted panel has also been completed with the silver/gray paint layer, and scraping away the detailing.
The red and blue "turn signals" have also been added.
Taking a break for today, to rest my eyes, and re-calibrate my senses with some coffee and X-Men Animated series.
Maybe later I'll start the minute detailing on the green areas, using those thin pointy end q-tips and some Testors silver paint.
20200627_103143.jpg 20200627_103158.jpg 20200627_103213.jpg 20200627_103229.jpg 20200627_103242.jpg 20200627_103256.jpg 20200627_103314.jpg 20200627_103325.jpg 20200627_103342.jpg


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So far your paint job looks great. As you might have already noticed, the stencils were made to replicate the state of the ROTJ helmet in its original state (1980-1982) and not as we can see it in the exhibits. Also the killstripes on the ROTJ helmet are not parallel to each other, but are inclined chaotically to the left or right:
ROTJ Killstripes Weathered.png


Keep up the great work!


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Yeah, I noticed that about the stripes, and purposefully didn't mask out the stripes too perfect, trying to keep that randomness, but still wanted to have it have some uniformity. Thank u for the encouragement!


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So I've been working solely on damage paint job before actually "weathering" it.
Got the full face done , and just finished the rear ( visor band, and L/R panels.)
Next, I tackle the dome.
Here's today's work.
106909652_10220809973870737_6246193044970716898_n.jpg 106317266_10220809975390775_935837863280027148_n.jpg face.jpg


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Last night, my worst fears were realized, as I was intending to move forward with starting damage/weathering on the dome, I gave the rest of the helm one last pass for quality, accuracy, etc...using all previous references, and for whatever reason, when viewing the Fett scenes on the glorious 4K disc of ROTJ, it hit me that I had a ton of detailing on the visor/face area that I got from otherwise legit reference photos, that WASN'T on the actual screen used helm.
I checked EVERY shot of Fett in the film, and compared it against my current state paint job, and it was clear to me, I had over-detailed it.
I think my biggest fault was only referencing the Magic of Myth ROTJ Fett display when I painted, which was accurate, but also had apparently incurred much new damage and scuffing post filming, which did not show up on screen.
So, I literally spent hours painting myself out of a corner until I was sure, within a reasonable measure, that the paint job was NOW accurate to ON SCREEN.
I believe I got it, but.....I paid for it with a lot of surface texture that wasn't there before, from all the brush overs to cover up wrong/misplaced details.
Here is my final result.
I would appreciate any input some of the elders here may have on my results, and if the paint job is acceptable.
I eventually may try another ROTJ conversion on another BS Fett, now that my trial and error, experimentation phase is pretty much through, and I know exactly what I need to do and when for next time. All colors, combinations, techniques, etc.
It would be promising. : )
20200701_072044.jpg 20200701_072114.jpg 20200701_072056.jpg


Ok....as far as my skills and patience allow, the helmet paint job is complete.
Not dead on perfect, and that's ok.
The helmet itself actually varies in different shots, so, what IS accurate, right? ;)
The ears are next.
Progress will be reported as well.
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Thats looking good! Interested to see how it will look once you have it all assembled again.