Is removing Maskol a must between layers?


Hello everyone.
I'm gonna do all paintwork of the costume with airbrush acrylics. I'l be using Humbrol's maskol to do the layering. I allways see people peeling off all maskol between layers and then re-applying over it. Why do they do this? wouldn't it be quicker to just let it there and then remove all maskol?

I think it is pretty vital. One you need to check what you just did. How bad would it be to not remove it go on to layer after layer only to find out at the end that you screwed up the first layer.
I've done it for 2 colors, and it came out just fine. I wouldn't do more layers than that though. I've done it on armor when i masked the silver and then the yellow, although now i hand paint on the yellow like the movie suits were done. On the helmets I've done the silver and the grey since both of those colors are on the entire helmet (speaking for ESB helmets) But i haven't done it beyond that.
I've done up to 3layers, but the more layers you do, the harder it comes off!!! Also depends how thick you put your paint on. For something like a heavy application from a rattle can, you really don't want to try more than one layer. If airbrushed and put on thin enough, you can do more. For stubborn areas, you may have to go in with a toothpick and carefully pick at some spots. I really don't recommend doing it....but it can be done.
I do my back pannel first lay down silver then mask lay down grey then mask lay down beige mask laydown the green then peel, then i tape that off nd proceed to the rest of the helmet going lau down silver mask lay down grey the mask then paint the bucket then peal it all when im done ( i do this using rattle cans with wonderfull results so i imagine that you should be just fone dping multiple layers with an airbrush) ive never used humbrols maskol though i use fineline masking fluid
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