Iron's Jawa Build


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Thats soooo cool! I get more excited about your Jawa then about most Fett build threads Ive read through to be honest :D

Thank man! It's been a pretty fun build!


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So I was able to get the layers of fabric strips on the wooden boot.....
Finished Boot.jpg

I got the bottoms of his robe a bit more weathered and the ends of his sleeves torn up a bit. Oddly the black doesn't show up all that well on the robe, but it is there.
Iron's Jawa.jpg

And he looks excellent in the dark!
Jawa Pic 4.jpg

Jawa Pic 6.jpg

I've got some of the Jawa sounds able to play. I just need to refine it a bit more, and include way pauses so he's not a blabber mouth.

Can't wait till the end of the month!

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Hello My Fellow Fett's,
Most of you may know me from working on my ROTJ Fett all last year and even continuing into this year with upgrades (That old saying that Fett is never complete). I know it is not 100% accurate but it was one of my most proudest creations that I've ever done! Here's just a few of my favorite pics of that build....
(I have even updated a few things since these last pics) If you're interested in that journey, here's the link: Iron's ROTJ WIP
View attachment 213668

But enough of my ROTJ Fett, today I wanted to start to walk you though my process of building a static 1:1 Jawa prop. This Jawa will stand at exactly 36" as per the article on
View attachment 213669

My inspiration was from a fellow TDH member - Lazerjock ! Who built up this Jawa - which I thought was done great!
(Picture Credit to Lazerjock )
View attachment 213671

I'm not too concerned about having a budget, and will just add on pieces as need be (I'm sure I'll be adding more). But here are the list of parts that I've come up with so far and will be working with....
11" x 15" Wood Round BaseLowes$8.23The base this will all sit on.
12" PVC Pipe 10' StickLowes$12.31Will be cut to form the body and arms.
12" PVC CapLowes$5.80End Caps and mount for hands.
22" PVC 45 Degree AngleLowes$2.80/eaUsed for Shoulders.
22" PVC 90 Degree AngleLowes$5.75/eaUsed for the Elbows.
1Scrap piece of 2 x 4N/AN/ATo Shape a Foot.
12" x 3ft. x 25 ft. Hexagonal WireHome Depot$12.99Used to form the body.
17" Childrens Wood HandsAmazon$19.99For the Hands.
1Black Child Opera Satin GLovesAmazon$3.48For the Hands.
1Female Smooth Foam HeadHobby Lobby$5.99For the Head.
1Black Hockey MaskAmazon$9.98For the Head.
2Yellow LED's w/ on off SwitchEtsy$4.95/eaFor the Eyes.
2Gumball ContainersFred Meyer$0.75/eaFor the Eyes.
1Roll of Brown LeatherHobby Lobby$29.99For the Bandolier/Pouches.
2Gunmetal Rivets 8mm x 6mm (Pack of 24)Hobby Lobby$4.99/eaFor the Bandolier/Pouches.
1Brass Sam Browne Studs
(Pack of 30)
Amazon$10.99For the Bandolier/Pouches.
1Belt BuckleHobby Lobby$2.27For the Bandolier/Pouches.
1Ion RifleTDH - LazerjockN/AThanks Lazerjock !
12.5" Blue Lightning Plasma DiscAmazon$24.99For the Ion Rifle.
3 YardsBrown Burlap FabricJoAnn's Fabric Store$15.00For the Robe.
3 YardsBlack FabricJoAnn's Fabric Store$12.00For Inside the Robe & Hood.
2.5 YardsBlack Fleece FabricMichaels$4.00For the Face.
1Featherlite BoningHobby Lobby$5.99Used to Shape the Hood Opening.

Stay tuned! More pics and progress to follow!
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That rocks dude